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Game plays: 13   Game ratings: 8   Game comments: 7   
Sparkyboy6's favourite games
ButtonHunt 3 Wake Up the Box Shopping Cart Hero 2 mini Tower Defence Plus (mTD+) Cover Orange 2 One Button Bob
Sparkyboy6's latest comments
Nice physics game. I love the boxes face when you wake him up!
Game: ButtonHunt 3
Excellent game that uses a simple idea and turns it into something really fun.
Very fun physics game.
Game: 99 Bricks
If you successfully build a tower of 99 bricks you can say:

''I've got 99 problems but a brick ain't one.''
Excellent game, I like the difficulty. The fact that it gets difficuly makes you think about where to place your towers more, rather than just placing them anywhere (like some TD games that are quite easy). This game should definetly define Zuper Games!
Very fun game. Just because it only requires one button to play, don't think it is very easy
I loved Shooping Cart Hero, and I love this too! There are more great upgrades to be had, and you can get awesome hats to wear! The question for this game though, is can you get the golden shopping cart?
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