Zuper Games http://www.zupergames.net Newest Games Glean 2 http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=405 The long-awaited sequel to Glean is now here! Explore aerial, aquatic and terrestrial planets and follow the amazing story! Splatters http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=404 Destroy incoming enemies of various shapes and colors! As they die, enemies stain the field with colored splatters that strengthen the next passing foes. Cover the field with your own splatters to weaken the enemies and rack up massive points! Glean http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=403 Explore and mine minerals! Visit alien planets and mine for the resources you need to upgrade yourself and your ship. Features procedurally generated levels and an object-based crafting system for upgrades. Find 18 artifacts to unlock all story pieces and finish the game, or keep playing to get all the upgrades.

Inspired by MotherLoad, this is an RPG-like spin-off. You won't be disappointed!
Castles Wars http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=399 You are mighty king of the Red Kingdom. Take over all the enemy castles! Pipe It - The Madpet Edition http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=398 Can you master also the third part of popular puzzle logic game Pipe it? Primary http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=396 Primary is about Roy, a super soldier in the land of the HUEman (get it? Ya we are lame.), who must climb to the top of Prizim tower to try to find a way to close the portal that is allowing horrible black goopy creatures into his world. Bloons Super Monkey http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=395 Take control of Super Monkey as he embarks on a Bloon popping frenzy through 5 stages and 15 waves. Collect and use Power Blops to upgrade Super Monkey in three different skill paths. Watch out for super powerups and make sure you score at least Bronze in each wave to advance to the next. Good luck! One Button Bob http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=394 Avoid nasty traps, boomerang bloodthirsty bats and leap over lava pits, all with a single button! How many click will it take you to help Bob find the treasure? Starmageddon http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=393 Those evil aliens are at it again, invading our little corner of the galaxy once more, trying to conquer the Earth, enslave all mankind and in a word, whatnot. Will they never learn that here on Earth we have an endless supply of fighter jocks with the right stuff to trash their entire armada from a single man spacecraft? Oh well, I suppose you'd better get out there and show them who's the boss... Warzone Tower Defense Extended http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=392 Warzone Tower Defense Extended expands upon the original game adding new tower upgrades and other unlock-able enhancements. Isoball 2 http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=391 Sequel to the highly popular puzzle game, Isoball 2 brings in 50 brand new levels of puzzling mayhem, 10 sandboxes, a shiny new skin, and some very nifty new pieces to make things more interesting. - Use conveyors to make the ball go up into really high places. - Timing is everything when you are working with the elusive phase bridges - Think outside the box and utilize portals to teleport the ball to distant locations. Cover Orange 2 http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=390 Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Fat Slice http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=389 A cleverly designed flash game in which you begin to slice off pieces of a shape, facing obstacles in the way, all the while with balls bouncing around inside you must contain and serve to distract and obstruct your path! Factory Balls 3 http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=388 A new Bonte game, a new Factory Balls! Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level ... Infectonator! : World Dominator http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=387 Infect people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World! Straw Hat Samurai 2 http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=386 The Straw Hat Samurai is back with new moves, air-combos, new enemies, new bosses... and more slashing and blood! mini Tower Defence Plus (mTD+) http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=385 Do you like defence games? Have you tried mini Tower Defence Plus (mTD+) yet? A lot of upgrades, achievements and fun! When The Plague Came http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=384 An unknown virus plagued the planet, bringing all sorts of monstrosities, ranging from zombies to flying beasts. Enter this apocalyptic world and try to survive as much as possible. With your set of hand-made improvised weapons. Cluster Lander http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=383 Take control of a Cluster Lander, a fast ship designed to maneuver between rock clusters. This ship will let you explore complex open style levels in search of a coordinates sheet witch contains the coordinates for the next rock cluster! The Leon Wars http://www.zupergames.net/index.php?task=view&id=382 The fabled Leon Wars, named after the murdered son of King Rodrick, has been raging for almost a century. The king's son was murdered by the slave (and monster) race, the Draylocks. No one quite knows why the Draylocks did this, as all those directly responsible were executed very early on. But it is clear, the Draylocks have had enough of serving humans and lust for power. There is now an ongoing struggle for supremacy and a need to conquer new lands by both human and monster races.